The words we share are powerful.

Tender words can trigger healing, and sometimes tears.

Angry words have the potential to end relationships.

Promised words, crafted into vows, seal our commitments.

The words we whisper in prayer are the most miraculous of all. When we offer our intercessions to God, our words take wing to heaven. And God listens.

As a writer, words define my vocation. At 5AM each morning, I find myself sitting in front of a computer screen, arranging words into stories. It’s a solitary profession and lonely too. I often wonder why I keep saying yes to the call.

But just before the sun rises, something wondrous happens. Much to my delight, words are organized, meaning is found, and God speaks. When a story finally emerges, I remember a passage tucked away in the Psalms: The unfolding of your words gives light…

My name is Nancy Jo Sullivan. I’m humbled and honored that you are browsing my website. Perhaps the words I’ve arranged on these pages will speak to you in some way.

I’ll be praying for that! [Nancy Jo Sullivan, (c) 2021]